Water storage and use project

Ngā Mahi a Wai Māori

Despite relatively high average annual rainfall overall in Northland, a lack of storage means much of this water can’t be harvested for use at other times.

Northland Regional Council, Kaipara District Council and the Far North District Council, with funding assistance from the Provincial Growth Fund, is investigating how a series of small-scale reservoirs near Kaikohe in the Mid-North and on the northern Pouto peninsular, south of Dargaville, could provide a reliable water source to support high-value land use.

Having a secure source of water will provide local landowners with more diverse opportunities to develop their land, which in turn, will provide wider benefits to these communities and the Northland economy.

While primarily designed to support a move towards horticulture, the Water Storage and Use Project will also be available to assist existing town water supplies and greatly reduce the exposure to domestic water restrictions in times of drought.

Northland strategic irrigation infrastructure study and scoping of scheme options for Northland.
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