Our communications and engagement strategy

The Northland Regional Council adopted its most recent Communications and Engagement Strategy in 2018.

The strategy aligns the goals, responsibilities and desired outcomes of the Communications and Engagement function of council, with our five core values.

Read the council’s overall vision, mission and values

What do we want to achieve?

Strong decisive leadership
The council is seen as a leader and innovator

  • We promote councils vision, mission and areas of focus.
  • We’re champions of council’s brand and reputation.
  • We explore and develop smarter solutions for ourselves and those we serve.

One high performing team
We have a culture of success built on collaboration and strong team values

  • We are proud of each other and the work that we all do
  • We work effectively to provide a seamless service to our communities
  • We collaborate and partner with others to achieve better results for all

We understand and respond to our diverse customers and communities

  • We create easy to use and effective channels of communication for ourselves and our customers
  • We seek feedback and regularly engage with our customers to understand their expectations and needs
  • Our customers understand and value our services

Integrity - honest & open
We maintain high quality standards in all our communications

  • People trust our information, expertise and advice
  • The way we communicate and interact with others enhances their mana and ours
  • We seek out and apply best practice principles when planning or delivering services

Transparent & accountable
We tell it like it is and deliver on our commitments

  • What we tell people is accurate, complete and fair
  • We set realistic expectations about our levels of service
  • We demonstrate value for money for our ratepayers

How are we doing this?

Some of the ways we intend to achieve these outcomes include:

  • Developing and implementing communication plans for focus areas identified through our long -term plan (LTP)
  • Engaging with a wide range of Northlanders through community events
  • Telling people what we do, and sharing stories and news from within the organisation and from across our communities
  • Making our communications open and transparent
  • Supporting community partners to promote the work they do
  • Encouraging innovation and celebrating success in our communities through our Environmental Awards
  • Building the communications capability across our organisation
  • Ensuring our website complies with web standards and enhances accessibility
  • Working with local schools and kindergartens, and their associated communities, through the Enviroschools programme
  • Reaching out to our different audiences through a range of channels including digital, face-to-face and traditional media

How will we know if we are doing well?

Customer satisfaction with the communication and engagement activities of the council is measured through our Residents’ Survey