Contracted public passenger transport services

The Northland Regional Council is required to have publicly available a current list of operational contracted public passenger transport services.

Information must include the dates the contracted services commenced, the contract term and the contract price per annum.

The table below is a list of all public passenger transport service contracts that are currently in operation in Northland:

Name of contract

Operated by

Date contract commenced

Expiry date of contract

Annual contract price

CityLink Whangarei


1 October 2018

30 September 2027


Far North Link


1 January 2019

31 December 2020


Mid North Link - Phase 2 Trial

Kaikohe Bus Company

1 May 2019

30 November 2020


Hokianga Link - Phase 2 Trial

Hokianga Express

1 May 2019

30 November 2020


Bream Bay Link

Leabourn Passenger Service

1 August 2019