Northland Walking and Cycling Strategy

This document has been developed by the regional council in close collaboration with the district councils, Department of Conservation, Walking Access Commission and NZ Transport Agency. The aim of the document is to present a coherent overarching strategy for the development of walking and cycling in the region, drawing together district walking and cycling strategies. The document contains:

  • A vision, namely: 'For Northland to be one of the world’s best coastal walking and cycling destinations where the journeys and stories are as impressive and memorable as the scenery'.
  • Four strategic focus areas:
    - Developing appealing and cohesive walking and cycling networks that connect Northland.
    - Growing walking and cycling participation and promoting Northland’s coastal point of difference.
    - Improving community wellbeing including creating economic opportunities.
    - Ensuring walking and cycling infrastructure, and its use, is sustainable.
  • Under each focus area are short term and long-term priorities for the strategy to address.
  •  A list of priority projects and accompanying maps are also included. The projects collectively form part of a cohesive network that provides a route around Northland and connect with the Auckland region. The projects are made up of 'easy' and more challenging walking and cycling routes that will appeal to a broad range of visitors.