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Northland Macroinvertebrate Monitoring Report 2012

Due to the size of the file, this report has been split into the following sections:

Intro - S2
1. Introduction
2. Methods
2.1 Sampling protocol
2.2 Sampling locations
2.3 Sampling period
2.4 Data analysis

S3 - 3.2
3. Results
3.1 State of the Environment sites
3.2 Resource Consent activities

3.3 Trend analysis

S4 - Appendices
4. Conclusions
5. References
6. Acknowledgements
Appendix A – Quality control results
Appendix B – Summary of periphyton data
Appendix C – Physico-chemical data
Appendix D – Select river flow data (prior to sampling)
Appendix E – State of the Environment macroinvertebrate data
Appendix F – Resource Consent macroinvertebrate data