Kaihu Flood Control Scheme Investigation - Stage 3a

Barnett & MacMurray Ltd (B&M) was commissioned by Northland Regional Council (NRC) to model the Kaihu River and its floodplain to answer questions posed before design options are considered for a flood control scheme.

Report Table of Contents

1.1 Scope
1.2 Source data

2. No stopbanks model
2.1 Lowering the stopbanks
2.2 Flood extent
2.2.1 Two year ARI event
2.2.2 Five year ARI event
2.2.3 Ten year ARI event
2.2.4 One hundred year ARI event
2.3 Flood duration

3. Wide lower river model
3.1 Widening the river
3.2 Flood extents
3.2.1 Two year ARI event
3.2.2 Five year ARI event
3.2.3 Ten year ARI event
3.2.4 One hundred year ARI event
3.3 Flood duration

4. Discussion
4.1 No stopbanks case
4.2 Wide lower river case

5. Conclusions

6. References


Appendix A Hydraulic Model files
Appendix B Flooding durations
Appendix C Figures and plots
Appendix D Flood maps