Kaihu Flood Control Scheme Investigation - Scheme Concept

Barnett & MacMurray Ltd (B&M) was commissioned by Northland Regional Council to formulate a concept for a Kaihu River flood management system.

This statement of the concept of a flood management scheme for the Kaihu Valley is intended to be circulated to stakeholders for comment. The principles underlying the concept are that it should be economically justifiable, environmentally sustainable, and should treat all parts of the valley fairly, so far as possible.

Report Table of Contents

  1. Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Historical background
  4. Cost constraints
  5. Sustainability constraints
  6. Outline of the concept
  7. Design floods
  8. Principles for fair distribution of floodwaters
  9. Calculating the flooding volume proportions
  10. Design process to achieve fair distribution of floodwaters
  11. Treatment of less floodprone areas
  12. Management of river sediment load and floodplain sedimentation processes
  13. Council’s and landowners’ roles in construction, maintenance and monitoring
  14. Effect of the proposed scheme in large floods
  15. Conclusions
  16. References


Published: 16 Feb 2011