Whole of Northland Project

The Whole of Northland Project was initiated by Northland Biodiversity Enhancement Group (N-Beg) in 2005 and was funded jointly by the Biodiversity Advice Fund, Northland Regional Council and Department of Conservation (Northland Conservancy).

The project aimed to develop and implement an integrated approach to biodiversity enhancement in Northland.

The key outcomes of the project are:

  • Liaising with Landcare and other community initiatives, organisations and agency staff to identify information needs, gaps and opportunities to resource further biodiversity work.
  • Encouraging provision of information and advice in a way that meets needs of landowners and agencies.
  • Sourcing and collating information on current biodiversity management activities in Northland into ‘The Whole of Northland Report’.
  • Present information as a series of layers within a GIS framework where possible

The completion of an inventory on biodiversity activities will meet a number of needs. It will identify the contribution that the region is making to New Zealand’s overall biodiversity outcomes, help to grow the understanding and appreciation of the extent of biodiversity values in the region, and lever further community support for work to protect and enhance these values. The process will also provide a benchmark for the basis of further work in Northland.