Research and reports

A report to assist Northland Health's assessment of the health risk from dust occurring on unsealed roads.
Protected Natural Areas in Northland report and the Whole of Northland Project.
Reports on possible changes to Northland's climate and climatic elements and weather systems affecting Northland.
Research and technical reports related to the coastal environment.
Economic development reviews, reports and strategies for Northland.
Flood control scheme investigation reports.
Aquifer reviews and groundwater resource reports.
Reports on the water quality and ecological status of Northland lakes.
Soil quality in Northland and a 2007 report on Tropical Grass Webworm.
Hydrological hazards investigation, wind and flood reports on the March and July 2007 storms.
Reviews of coastal, natural and weather hazards in Northland.
Summary reports on the recreational swimming water quality programme.
Habitat assessments, water quality studies, and macroinvertebrate monitoring reports.