Northland Tide Tables 2023-2024

This tide data is provided courtesy of Land Information New Zealand.  An online version is available at:

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Please note, all mooring holders will be sent a copy of the Tide Tables with their receipts for annual mooring fees.

New Zealand daylight saving time

The tide predictions for the Standard (main) ports in this tide table have been corrected for daylight saving time. Daylight saving runs from 2am Sunday 24 September 2023 to 3am Sunday 7 April 2024.

Standard ports

All New Zealand tidal data is referenced to predictions for standard (main) ports. Northland’s standard ports are Marsden Point on the east coast and Port Taranaki on the west coast.

Secondary ports

The times and heights of tides for secondary ports can be found by applying the corrections on pages 36 to 37 to the corresponding standard port predictions.

Northland's Harbours

East Coast
Northland's east coast has thirteen harbours:

  • Pārengarenga
  • Houhora
  • Rangaunu
  • Mangonui
  • Whangaroa
  • Bay of Islands
  • Whangamumu
  • Whangaruru
  • Whananaki
  • Tutukaka
  • Ngunguru
  • Whangārei
  • Mangawhai

West Coast
Northland's west coast has four harbours:

  • Kaipara
  • Herekino
  • Hokianga
  • Whāngāpē

Why Port Taranaki?
Tides times are calculated from standard (main) ports. The tidal information for Northland's west coast is based on the closest standard port which is Taranaki.

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