Paddleboard surfing

Surfing is a popular sport in New Zealand and there are many more people and activities heading into the waves these days. Stand-up paddleboarding is just one of them. The tips below may help to ensure you have a fun and safe time without impacting others.

Two surfers on paddleboards.

  • Always wear a leash. This will save a lot of swimming and minimise the dangers of a run-away board.
  • Understand surfing etiquette. If you don't already surf, talk to a surfer to find out the rules of the surf break and who has right-of-way in different situations.
  • Paddle down the beach. Keep out of the pack and away from swimmers – you will enjoy more waves and less stress if you head down the beach and away from the crowds.
  • Don't drop in. Never paddle onto a wave that somebody else is already riding.
  • Remember, with a stand-up paddleboard you can catch a lot of waves easily. Be fair and if sharing the surf break behave responsibly and share the waves. You will do the sport a service if you give space to others and be courteous.