Fences and accessways

When undertaking dune restoration it is often necessary to use fences to allow new plants to establish, protect vulnerable areas, and allow damaged areas to recover.

In some areas fencing can be temporary, while at busy beaches permanent fences might be needed. The type of fence will vary depending on whether it needs to keep stock out, deter vehicles, or guide beach users along accessways and away from vulnerable areas.

In public areas it is important to provide beach access. For high-use foredunes, sand ladders can be effective. These are built from timber joined together by chains and fixed at the top. The bottom is left loose so it can move with the dune as it erodes or builds up. For back-dune areas it is usually sufficient to use fences and/or plants such as wiwi to define paths. Climbing plants like pohuehue can be used to cover a fence.

Walkway and fencing at Tapeka.Walkways and fences can help plants establish and protect sensitive dune areas from trampling.