Agrichemical spraying in Northland

Spraying agrichemicals can affect the environment and your neighbours.

You must take practical steps to ensure there are no adverse effects beyond your boundary.

Things to consider are the weather conditions, choosing the right spray and equipment, and leaving a buffer zone around spray sensitive areas.

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 Additional requirements

If you’re not applying your spray by hand – for example by tractor, airblaster or helicopter – there are additional requirements.

You will need to:

  • Have an annual spray plan and follow it
  • Notify neighbours at least 24 hours before spraying (Council and neighbours can request to see your spray plan and you must provide it)
  • Complete a 17 point risk assessment
  • Be qualified to apply agrichemical sprays
  • Meet wind speed restrictions and buffer zones requirements
  • Display appropriate signage

Why good spraying matters

The rules help minimise damage to non-target plants and animals, protect waterways and prevent health risks. They also encourage spray users to be considerate of neighbours and improve  effectiveness on the target.

Failing to meet the requirements can result in enforcement action.

Where can I find the rules?

See the agrichemical spray information at:

See a problem? REPORT IT!

You can report spray drift, spray damage, or lack of notification to our 24/7 NRC Incident Hotline

HOTLINE 0800 504 639