Regional Public Transport Plan 2015-2025

The Regional Public Transport Plan administers and rates contracted bus services and administers the Total Mobility Scheme.

This plan includes:

  • A new way of contracting bus services in the region called the 'Public Transport Operating Model' (PTOM).

  • Some of the objectives, policies and methods on what we want to achieve over the next ten years for public transport in the region have changed. Changes have been made to reflect PTOM, to promote greater use of smartcards and to take into account responses from the CityLink review that we consulted on in August 2014.

  • Details on a proposed review of the fare structure for the CityLink service in 2015. This will look at what fares we currently charge, including their cost, and whether there should be any changes. Again we will take into account responses we received from the August 2014 CityLink review.

  • Changes to guidance on how operators of rural bus services can apply for financial support from funding authorities (councils and the NZ Transport Agency).