Annual Report 2013

ISSN 1174-698X (Online)
ISSN 1171-2430 (Print)

What is the Annual Report?

Full Annual Report

The Annual Report provides you with an outline of our achievements for each financial year. This includes how the Council’s financial performance measured against what we planned to do.

Annual Report Summary

In addition to the full report we have also produced a summary which shows you what we did during the year, some of the highlights and what it cost to provide the many services that help keep Northland growing.

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You can view or download a copy of the Annual Report and Summary by clicking on the pdf document links below.

Due to the size of the file, the Annual Report document have been split into separate parts.

Annual Report 2013

Part 1 - Pages 1-71 (1.5MB)

Chairman and CEO's foreword
Governance structure 
Council management structure 
Your regional councillors 
Council committees and advisors 
Council objectives 
Our activities – what we do 
Our year in review
Building Māori capacity 
Our region
Financial highlights 
Compliance statement 
Audit report

Council activities
Funding Impact Statement for Northland Regional Council 
Resource management 
River management 
Economic development
Hazard management 
Community representation and engagement
Support services

Part 2 - Pages 72-end (1.5MB)

Financial statements
Consolidated statement of comprehensive income 
Consolidated statement of changes in equity 
Consolidated statement of financial position 
Consolidated statement of cashflows
Reconciliation of net surplus to the cashflows from operations 
Statement of accounting policies 
Notes to the financial statements

Council policies
Human resources 
Equal employment opportunities 
Health and safety 
Training and experience

Council entities
Group structure 
Northland Port Corporation (NZ) Limited 
Northland Inc. Limited 
Regional Software Holdings