17.5 What can you do to help?

There are several ways you can help to reduce the impacts of transportation on Northland's environment and people, including:

· Have your car serviced regularly. Do not allow your car to smoke excessively.

· Use public transport or lift clubs whenever possible.

· Try to walk or cycle instead of using the car. Not only is this better for the environment but it is good for your health.

· Create and assist with walking school buses for children.

· Encourage your school or place of employment to provide showers and lockers for those persons walking or cycling, and bike racks or an area to safely leave your bike.

· Drive carefully and considerately on beaches and sand dunes.

· Dispose of any litter in rubbish bins or wait to you have access to one.

· If driving a campervan, use the designated campervan effluent disposal sites.