16.1 Introduction

Tree fallen down across a house.Northland is subject to a number of natural events, which, because of the pattern of development within the region, may place human life, property and/or economic production at risk.

Natural hazards include flooding and other weather hazards, earthquakes, landslides, mine subsidence, fire, tsunami and volcanic activity. Natural hazards that occur in the coastal environment are covered in the coastal hazards chapter.

Regional Policy Statement objective

The Regional Policy Statement (NRC 2002) contains the following objective:

· To avoid or mitigate the adverse effects of natural hazards by minimising and where practicable, avoiding the risk to life and damage to property, infrastructural services and other aspects of the environment, from natural hazard events.

Environmental results anticipated

The following is the anticipated environmental results after the implementation of the natural hazards policies in the Regional Policy Statement:

· Increased public awareness of the risks of natural hazards and their exposure to them.

· A reduction in the damage caused to the environment by significant natural hazards.

· A reduction in the damage caused to the environment by inappropriate protection works.