6.6 What can you do to help?

Establish a CoastCare group

Every CoastCare group is different – each project reflects the particular environmental issues in an individual area, and each group is organised according to the makeup of the local community and the resources available. Generally speaking, CoastCare projects may include:

· Removing weeds from sand dunes and coastal reserves.

· Replanting and rehabilitating sand dunes to help protect against coastal erosion.

· Building walkways and fences to manage the way people, vehicles and horses gain access to the beach. (This protects sand dunes and coastal vegetation).

· Monitoring and/or controlling animal and plant pests.

· Protecting and/or enhancing coastal habitats; for example re-planting and/or fencing off areas of native vegetation.

· Community education and awareness (eg signs and pamphlets).

· Monitoring and protecting threatened species - plants, animals or birds. For example a group may control predators around nesting seabirds or migratory shorebirds.

· Beach clean-ups and litter removal.

For more information on establishing a CoastCare group in your area contact the CoastCare coordinator at the Regional Council on 0800 002 004.

Keep to the CoastCare code

Help protect our coastal environment by sticking to Northland's CoastCare code:

· Keep your vehicle and motorbike off the dunes. Drive on existing access tracks and below the high tide mark.

· Do not ride your horse through the dunes. Use designated access ways and ride your horse on the hard sand.

· Do not sandboard down the dunes. This destroys plants and loosens the sand, leading to wind erosion.

· Do not leave litter on the beach. Always take your rubbish home with you.

· Check with your local District Council which beaches can be used for exercising your dog. Keep your dog under control and pick up its waste.

Vehicles on beaches

Inappropriate vehicle use on beaches can exacerbate erosion of the foreshore. For more information refer to the ‘Driving On The Beach' brochure on the Regional Council website at the following link: