6.5 Where to from here?

The following are key points towards implementing improved future management of the coastal environment in Northland:

· Increase preparedness for and our understanding of hazards and the effects of climate change and sea level rise. (Refer to the Coastal Hazards section of this report for more information)

· Assess adequacy of regional and district plan rules in response to coastal development intensification and subdivision pressure, and develop tools to monitor trends in development of coastal areas subject to hazards.

· Better integrate the management of the coastal marine area and adjoining land margins to better manage effects of activities.

· Focus on catchment management – improving water quality and addressing cumulative discharges in the entire catchment is likely to have the most benefit for coastal water quality.

· Continue developing and promoting best practice – particularly in relation to sewage disposal. This is supported by the current development of a sewage accord for Northland.

· Review the implementation and effectiveness of the RPS and the Regional Plans for Northland.


In terms of CoastCare over the next five years, emphasis will be placed on the following:

· Establishing and assisting as many new groups as possible.

· Educating people on their impacts on the coast.

· Getting as many plants as possible into the ground.

· Creating an education campaign to present to schools to get children working with coast care.

· Involving district councils and DOC with coast care initiatives on its reserves and protected land.

· Securing funding for coast care projects.

· Educating developers on the benefits of coast care.