Performance targets

To reduce the quantities of hazardous substances and hazardous wastes entering Northland's environment and minimise the adverse effects of these by:

· Facilitating the safe handling and lawful storage of hazardous substances and management of waste hazardous substances – ACHIEVED.

· Operate facilities throughout Northland for storage of hazardous substances and have facilities open 100 percent of working hours – ACHIEVED.

· 100 percent of hazardous substances are collected, transported and disposed of within 18 months – ACHIEVED.

· 80 hours a month spent undertaking workplace inspections and reporting to the Department of Labour – NOT ACHIEVED (1200 hours completed, not evenly distributed each month).

· Provide a 24 hour phone service for hazardous substance incidents and maintain a 100 percent response rate to calls received – ACHIEVED.

· Maintain a database of potentially contaminated sites and provide to relevant district councils by 31 December each year – ACHIEVED.

Hazardous agrichemical waste.A typical bag of hazardous agrichemical waste dropped off for disposal.