In 2010-2011, the annual rainfall for Northland varied from 90 percent to 160 percent of the mean annual rainfall for the region. More rain was recorded in eastern areas throughout the year. Generally, the region received average to above average rainfall for the year.

The map below shows the annual rainfall recorded for Northland as a percentage of the mean annual rainfall.

Map - Annual rainfall - July 2010-June 2011.

Map - Annual rainfall - July 2010-June 2011.

Northland's climate in 2010-2011 was typically variable. Winter included average to above average rainfall, severe winds, heavy rain, and flooding. Mid spring to early summer saw extreme dry conditions return to the region with a medium level drought declared in early December. Late December through to late autumn had severe localised thunderstorm activity and frequent severe rainfall events.

The MetService provides regional councils with frequent warnings of adverse weather systems. During 2010-2011, eleven severe weather warnings were issued. Six of these severe weather warnings produced significant flooding in the region. Other climatic events to affect the region during the year included, an ex tropical cyclone weather system, damaging winds, isolated thunderstorm activity and tsunami waves.