Key points 2010-2011

Water quality samples were collected from 16 sites in both the Whāngārei Harbour and Bay of Islands and from nine sites in Kaipara Harbour.

Whāngārei Harbour

· Samples collected from sites in the outer harbour were more frequently within the recommended guideline values than sites within the upper harbour.

· None of the samples taken from five sites in the Hātea River were within guideline values for nutrients during 2010-2011.

Bay of Islands

· Levels of bacteria were low and a high percentage of samples were within the guideline values for dissolved oxygen and turbidity. 

· A smaller number of samples were within guideline values for nutrients. Samples that exceeded the guideline tended to be collected from sites close to freshwater inputs (rivers and streams).

Kaipara Harbour

· Levels of bacteria were low in the harbour, with only one site recording levels of bacteria above the recommended guidelines.

· Samples taken from sites in the upper harbour exceeded recommended guideline values for nutrients more frequently than samples collected from the outer harbour.