Performance targets

The Regional Council will continue to implement and improve a prioritised State of the Environment (SoE) monitoring programme and monitor compliance with, and the effects of, the exercise of resource consents and Regional Plans by:

· Operating a region-wide hydrometric network for the measurement, recording and reporting of rainfall, river flows, lake, groundwater and tide levels –ACHIEVED

· 90% compliance of data with no more than 7 days of missing record per site annually – ACHIEVED

· Relevant information available within three months of collection – NOT ACHIEVED (Due to prioritised drought work)

· Establish water management zones on a prioritised basis for allocation of freshwater resources by 31 December 2009 – ACHIEVED

· Provide hydrometric information and advice in an accurate and timely way – ACHIEVED

· Collecting water use records and measuring stream flows, groundwater and lake levels associated with significant water abstractions – ACHIEVED

· Report the results from the SoE monitoring programmes in the annual monitoring report and make available on the Council's website at by 31 October each year– NOT ACHIEVED (loaded 6 weeks late)

NRC monitoring officer measuring river flows.

Photo: Regional Council Monitoring Officer Allen Temple measuring river flows.