Groundwater Monitoring in Northland during 2009-2010

· In general, groundwater in Northland is of a high enough quality that it can be consumed without treatment.

· 36 sites (that is, wells or bores) were monitored for groundwater quality in Northland; 7 of them as part of the National Groundwater Monitoring Programme and 29 as part of the Regional Groundwater Quality SoE Programme.

· 5 specific groundwater investigations were carried out on aquifers - Ruawai, Russell, Taipā, Whatitiri and Maungakaramea, where a total of 24 sites were monitored.

· 83 sites were monitored for groundwater levels.

· 98 new bores (or wells) were registered in the Council's database.

· 197 resource consents for groundwater use were monitored for compliance with consent conditions.

· 8 sites were age tested to determine the average age of the groundwater in certain aquifers in the region.

Water meter.

Photo: Water meter.