Performance targets – Achieved

Reduce the adverse impacts of pest organisms, pest plants and animal pests on the environment, the economy and human health:

· Carry out a five year formal review of all pest management strategies by 1 July 2010;

· Prepare new Pest Management Strategies as required and in accordance with the provisions of the Biosecurity Act;

· Develop one marine management strategy to enhance the region's marine capability and response to marine pest invasions by 2010. Implement by 30 June 2012;

· Conduct annual monitoring on tropical grass webworm at seven sites annually and report webworm larval presence to property owners as appropriate;

· Establish at least one new partnership with a pest agency and five new community pest plans (CPCA) annually and report to the Environmental Management Committee;

· Achieve low to moderate density of possums in specified areas; and

· Provide a pest identification service and respond to all enquiries within five working days.

Collecting marine samples from a fouled hull.

Photo: Collecting marine samples from a fouled hull – marine pest surveillance.