Northland Regional Council is responsible for the management and control of plant and animal pests in Northland.

Pests of particular concern in the region are identified in the Northland Regional Pest Management Strategies. These are a collection of action plans that describe why and how plant and animal pests will be controlled and the functions of the Biosecurity Act 1993.

Stopping potential pests from entering the region is the most cost efficient form of ubiosecurity control. In addition, the strategies identify pests which can be eradicated, and where it is possible to manage existing pest infestations to levels where they no longer pose a threat to our natural environment, economy and health.

The Council works in partnership with local communities and industry to promote pest management and facilitate pest control.

A mustelid trap mostly used for catching stoats.

Photo: A mustelid trap mostly used for catching stoats – available from the Regional Council.