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Performance Targets

To reduce the quantities of hazardous substances and hazardous wastes entering Northland's environment and minimise the adverse effects of these by:

· Facilitating safe and lawful storage of hazardous substances and management of waste hazardous substances:

  - Providing a collection, transport, storage and disposal service for waste hazardous substances - ACHIEVED

  - Exporting for safe destruction, the intractable waste hazardous substances that the Council has collected - ACHIEVED

  - Providing a hazardous substance storage compliance monitoring and incident response service - ACHIEVED

  - Producing an annual report to the Department of Labour and the Council on the performance of these services - ACHIEVED

· Facilitate the management of contaminated sites in Northland:

  - Maintaining and updating a database of potentially contaminated sites, site assessments and remediation - ACHIEVED

  - Promoting the assessment and remediation of significant contaminated sites – PARTIALLY ACHIEVED

  - Promote the availability of contaminated site data – PARTIALLY ACHIEVED