Lake Omapere

Lake Omapere is located north of Kaikohe and feeds the Utakura River, which flows into the Hokianga Harbour. Water quality in the lake is poor and the lake is prone to blooms of toxic algae, which affect downstream water quality. The Council and local community have been working closely together for the last two decades to improve water quality in the lake, through active management and regular monitoring.

Over the past year, there has been a decline in algae and nutrient levels and an increase in water clarity in Lake Omapere. The TLI grade for Lake Omapere was 5.32 this year, which is significantly lower than the previous year's grade of 5.98. These are all good signs however it is still too early to tell if the improvements are permanent.

Lake Omapere at dawn.

Photo: Lake Omapere at dawn

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