Key Points 2008-09

· 261 farms were applying FDE to land under the permitted activity rule

· 88 were fully compliant with the conditions of the rule (grades 1P and 2P); 81 had minor non-compliance (3P) and 92 were significantly non-compliant (grades 4P, C and X)

· 697 farms were disposing of FDE under resource consent

· 285 were fully compliant with the conditions of their consent; 246 had minor non-compliance and 166 were significantly non-compliant

· The number of infringement and abatement notices issued in 2008-09 has risen sharply from the previous two years

Example of well maintained feed pad.

Photo: Larger herd sizes have increased non-compliance as FDE systems are unable to cope with run-off from feed pads. The lot pictured above is an example of a well-maintained feed pad.