Performance Targets

Work to reduce the adverse impacts of exotic organisms, pest plants and animal pests on primary production, natural ecosystems and on human health:

· Promote pest management options, work in partnership with Biosecurity New Zealand to identify, eradicate, contain and manage pest species and provide an organism identification service to the public – ACHIEVED.

· Undertake animal pest management operations and report annually to the Landcare Committee on the achievement of set targets – ACHIEVED.

· Implement pest plant service delivery programmes and report annually on the implementation of pest management strategies to the Landcare Committee – ACHIEVED.

· Enforce rules in the Northland Regional Pest Management Strategies and report to each Council meeting on the number of sites inspected and the outcome of these inspections – ACHIEVED.

· Provide advice on the control of problem plants, animals and insects and report to each Council meeting on the number and type of enquiries received – ACHIEVED.