Summary 2007-08



· The main aquifer systems in Northland are found in areas of basalt geology, such as Kaikohe and Whangarei, and in the Aupouri sands.

· Rainfall is the main recharge source for Northland's aquifers.

· Northland Regional Council (NRC) monitors groundwater resources via State of the Environment (SOE) and compliance assessment monitoring, and via specific groundwater investigations.

· NRC also undertakes age testing of groundwater resources and groundwater recharge estimates, in order to understand how each aquifer functions and how much water is available for use.

Performance Targets

Continue to implement and improve a prioritized State of the Environment (SOE) monitoring programme and monitor compliance with, and the effects of, the exercise of resource consents and Regional Plans by:

· Carrying out investigations into the water resources of ‘at risk' aquifers - ACHIEVED

· Operating a region-wide water quality network for the measurement, recording and reporting of river, lake and groundwater quality trends - ACHIEVED

· Collecting water use records and measuring stream flows, groundwater and lake levels associated with significant water abstractions - ACHIEVED

· Reporting to the Council annually on environmental monitoring activities within three months of the end of the financial year - ONGOING

· Making the results from the annual SOE monitoring programmes available on the Council's website at - ONGOING

Summary of Results 2007-08

· Groundwater level monitoring undertaken at 82 bores in Northland. Groundwater levels found to be above average at most bores.

· Groundwater quality monitoring undertaken at 54 bores in the region. Major determinants in the majority of bores sampled were found to comply with the New Zealand drinking water standards.

· 25% of groundwater bores monitored for compliance found to be non-compliant with bore construction requirements.

· Specific groundwater investigations found areas of saline contamination at Ruawai; elevated nitrate levels at Taipa and bacterial contamination at Russell.