NRC is the management authority for pest plants and animals in Northland. NRC's goal is to prevent potential pests from entering the region, in addition to managing existing targeted pest infestations. The Council works in partnership with local communities to facilitate Community Pest Control Areas (CPCAs), in addition to managing its own pest management strategies. At a national level, NRC works with other regions and organisations to develop and trial biological control mechanisms and research new or potential pest threats.

In 2007-08, the NRC biosecurity team responded to 833 enquiries relating to pest management. The team also continued its pest management operations involving nine pest plants, four pest invertebrates, and nine pest mammal species. During 2007-08, new biological control agents were trialled for gorse and boneseed pest plants. Up to 1 July 2008, 17 CPCAs had either been approved or were being negotiated with local communities in Northland.