Summary 2007-08



· NRC runs a 24 hour, seven day a week, freephone Environmental Hotline for people to report environmental incidents in Northland.

· Incidents reported may include a breach of resource consent, or an activity outside of the rules contained within a Regional Plan. Incidents may also be the result of a natural process.

· Due to a higher population density, the greatest number of incidents is usually reported in the Whangarei area.

· All incidents reported to NRC are recorded in a central database.

Performance Targets

To minimise adverse effects on the environment of incidents and non-compliance with the Resource Management Act and Regional Plans by:

· Providing a 24-hour, everyday environmental incident reporting, recording and response system - ACHIEVED

· Recording, investigating and taking follow-up action on incidents reported to the Council where there are adverse effects on the environment and/or alleged non-compliance with the RMA - ACHIEVED

· Taking appropriate enforcement action in cases of significant non-compliance with statutory requirements - ACHIEVED

· Reporting on the response to the incident reporter (as and when the follow up action is completed) and to the Council in the following month - ACHIEVED

Summary of Results 2007-08

· A total of 1037 incidents reported to NRC in 2007-08

· The majority of incidents reported in Whangarei (33%)

· The most common type of incident reported was smoke related (21% of the total)

· The majority of incidents affected air (37%) or inland waters (24%)

· 77% of reported incidents had no, or only a minor, impact on the environment