Results Overview


During the 2007-08 financial year, a total of 1037 incidents were reported to NRC.

Distribution of Incidents

The map below shows the distribution of incidents throughout Northland during 2007-08. The darker colours represent the greatest number of incidents reported. Whangarei had the highest occurrence of incidents, with 342 being reported to NRC. The Hokianga Coast, Kaipara Coast, Rangaunu Harbour & Whangaruru Harbour areas all had one incident recorded each. The high number of incidents in the Whangarei area is related to the urban nature of the catchment and greater population density.

Incident Types

The table below shows the different types of incidents reported in terms of numbers and percentage of the total 1037 incidents.

Burning and smoke nuisance incidents were by far the most common incidents in Northland, however this may be related to the fact that people are more likely to notice and/or be affected by a smoke nuisance than other incident types. Odour, sewage and earthworks/vegetation clearance incidents were the next most common incidents reported in 2007-08.

Incident Type Number Percentage
Abrasive Blasting 4 0
Burning & Smoke Nuisance 217 21
Contaminated Stormwater 35 3
Dead Stock 28 3
Dead or Dying Organisms 13 1
Discolouration & Foams/Scums in Water 33 3
Diversion & Drainage Works 18 2
Dust Nuisance 36 3
Earthworks & Vegetation Clearance 90 9
Farm Dairy Effluent (FDE) 13 1
Flooding Hazards & Erosion 34 3
Hazardous Substances 15 1
Industrial Emissions 20 2
Miscellaneous 21 2
Natural Phenomena 4 0
Odour 70 7
Oil, Diesel & Other Fuel Spills - non ma 21 2
Other Agency Responsible 1 0
Other Coastal Activities 52 5
Other Contaminant Discharges 44 4
Other Water Pollution 26 3
Refuse & Other Dumping 34 3
Sewage 95 9
Spraydrift 30 3
Structures in Water bodies/CMA 65 6
Vehicle on Beach 12 1
Water Abstractions 6 1
TOTAL 1037 100

Resource Affected

Of the 1037 incidents reported in 2007-08, 37% (384 incidents) were air related. Other incidents were recorded as affecting inland waters (254 incidents), the Coastal Marine Area (CMA) (213 incidents), land (155 incidents), groundwater (4 incidents) or the riparian management zone (RMZ) (26 incidents) (as shown below). One incident was reported to NRC but responded to by another agency.

Due to the small percentage of incidents reported as affecting groundwater (4 out of 1037) and the small number of reports that were responded to by another agency (1 out of 1037 – recorded as ‘not an incident'), these show as 0% on the graph below.

Impact on the Environment

The impact of every incident on the environment is categorised and reported to Council on a monthly basis. Of the 1037 incidents reported to NRC in 2007-08, the majority of incidents (77%) were recorded as having no, or only a minor, impact on the environment. A minor impact means that effects were localised and/or short-lived with non-significant deterioration of the environment. On the other hand 57 incidents (6%) had a significant impact on the environment. For 16% of the incidents reported, it was not possible to determine their impact on the environment.