Northland Regional Council (NRC) operates a 24-hour, seven day environmental hotline, where people from anywhere in Northland can report environmental incidents to a freephone number (0800 504 6390). Incidents range from water pollution to spraydrift, earthworks to odour problems or construction of inappropriate structures.

During the 2007-08 financial year, there were 1037 incidents reported to NRC. All environmental incidents reported to NRC are recorded in a central database. Important information such as type, location and details of the incident, alleged offender/s, resource affected and impact on the environment are recorded, in order to meet the Council's performance targets for response to environmental incidents.

For a map showing the distribution of incidents reported in 2007-08, refer to the ‘Results Overview'. For a tabulated breakdown of the incidents and their impact on the environment, refer to the sections entitled ‘Incident Type' and ‘Resource Affected'.

Industrial emissions in the Whangarei airshed.

Industrial emissions in the Whangarei airshed