Summary 2007-08



· The Northland Regional Council (NRC) is responsible under the Resource Management Act (1991) for the control of activities that may cause adverse environmental effects.

· These activities are regulated by rules in Regional Plans and, where applicable, resource consents.

· NRC is responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of its rules and compliance with resource consents.

· NRC undertakes assessments of consented activities and grades activities according to their level of compliance.

· In cases of significant non-compliance, NRC can take enforcement action to halt an activity or fine or prosecute the offender.

Performance Targets

To promote sustainable management of resources and minimise adverse effects of people's use of the environment by ensuring compliance with resource consents, Regional Plans and statutory environmental standards:

· Monitor compliance with, and the effects of, the exercise of resource consents - ACHIEVED

· Document monitoring programmes on the Council's consent monitoring database and report as required for each programme - ACHIEVED

· Take appropriate enforcement action in cases of significant non-compliance - ACHIEVED

· Report results to the relevant consent holders, and the Council on a monthly basis - ACHIEVED

Summary of Results 2007-08

· A total of 4006 consented activities in the NRC database.

· 3002 monitoring visits undertaken by NRC staff in 2007-08.

· 1912 of the activities monitored were fully compliant, 799 with minor non-compliance and 291 significantly non-compliant.

· 173 Abatement Notices and 113 Infringement Notices issued by NRC.

· Three successful prosecutions were completed in the 2007-08 financial year.