Biosecurity Management performance targets

The following performance targets for Biosecurity Management are taken from the 2004-2014 Long Term Council Community Plan for Northland:

  • Promote pest management options for quava moth and tropical grass webworm
  • Undertake pest management operations in support of landholders and community groups, within defined community pest management Areas, in accordance with community pest management plans prepared for each area.
  • Control a variety of pest plants around the region (Manchurian rice grass, African feathergrass, spartina, nassella tussock and lantana)
  • Provide advice on the control of pest plants, animals and insects and an identification service
  • Monitor infestations of Bathurst bur, nodding thistle and Californian thistle and ensure landholders are implementing agreed plant eradication programmes
  • Enforce boundary clearance of gorse, broom and ragwort in response to complaints.
  • Enforce quarry and roadside weed policies
  • Promote the introduction of appropriate biological control agents