Future monitoring

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During 2006-2007, it is planned to commission a new monitoring site at Marsden Point. This site will monitor PM10 and sulphur dioxide levels and will be established late 2006.

A new monitor will be installed in the Bank Street area to monitor concentrations of carbon monoxide. It is anticipated that this monitor will be established late 2006/early 2007.

2006 Emissions Inventory

In order to demonstrate compliance with the National Environmental Standards, the Northland Regional Council is revising the emission inventory for the Whangarei Airshed. An emission inventory is a list of all known sources of PM10 in an area and includes contributions from transport, industrial and domestic sectors. Statistical projections based on future population growth scenarios will then enable an estimate of likely future concentrations of PM10 within an airshed.

The emission inventory is planned to be finished early 2007, at which point it will be integrated with the ambient monitoring data to estimate future concentrations of PM10.