Poplars and willows: Your questions answered

Got questions about Northland Regional Council’s poplars and willows? Now there’s a quick and easy way to find the answers to the most common questions.

Northland Regional Council’s nursery supplies subsidised poplars and willows for erosion control. We often receive questions from landowners and the community about this service, so we’ve put the answers to the most common questions in a new FAQ on our website.

The new FAQ is for you if you’ve ever wondered:

  • why we supply poplars and willows for erosion instead of native trees;
  • whether you can interplant poplars and willows with natives;
  • what types of erosion poplars and willows are best suited to control;
  • what’s the best plant for controlling erosion beside waterbodies;
  • how to maintain your poplars and willows after planting;
  • what we do to prevent unwanted spread of trees;
  • what help is available if poplars and willows on your land blow over in severe weather.

There is also information about our key findings from our study into the impact of Cyclone Gabrielle on NRC poplars and willows.

You can find the poplars and willows FAQ at

Poplars growing on hillside.

Planted poplars for erosion control.