Hancock Forest Management NZ – Northland office : Environmental action in industry

Combining commercial forestry management and rising kiwi populations would seem to be an incongruous, even impossible, goal - yet that’s exactly what’s happening with Hancock Forest Management NZ.

The company’s Northland office has earned a national reputation for being industry leaders in kiwi protection in commercial pine plantations. It now has five active kiwi recovery sites spread throughout the region and the number is growing as biodiversity is restored and the benefits become obvious to adjoining property owners. Thanks to Hancock’s considerate harvesting operations, coupled with intensive trapping by Duane Doughty from DOC Livestock and his team of seasoned trappers, kiwi populations are increasing, flora and fauna is recovering, and pest numbers are decreasing in the pine forests.

The company has about 40,000 hectares of plantation forest – 12,000 hectares of which is reserve land. It is part of a community-led Community Pest Control Area, which continues to expand as neighbours see the benefits and join the pest control project.

Hancock’s has more biodiversity projects in its forests than any other Northland forestry company and has been instrumental in developing industry standards for harvesting exotic forests containing kiwi populations. Their efforts recognised with an Environmental action in industry award at Northland Regional Council’s 2019 Environmental Awards.

Other Northland forestry companies are inspired by the company’s example and are now looking to it for advice.

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