Steve Allan : Environmental innovation

Steve Allan has a passion for pest control, ranging from serious on-the-ground trapping experience spanning several decades, to developing innovative and humane traps suited to Northland conditions.

He’s a respected designer, manufacturer and constant modifier of traps – a real innovator in the field of pest management.

Steve’s revolutionised the trapping of possums, feral cats and mustelids through the design and manufacture of “community friendly” traps that kill a range of predators efficiently and humanely. His ingenuity recognised by an Environmental innovation award at Northland Regional Council’s 2019 Environmental Awards

He’s very generous with his time and extensive knowledge, helping many local community groups to trap smarter and increase their catching rate. Mangatete Landcare Group is among those whose trapping rates have improved because of Steve’s advice. 

By increasing the range of traps available, Steve has also increased the probability of trapping pests that have become “trap shy” - wary of conventional traps. These are the pests that often do the most damage, a group member says.

"The results speak for themselves – our kiwi numbers are high and increasing, and the local certified kiwi dog regularly finds juvenile kiwi in the area, supporting the effectiveness of trapping. This is such a win for Northland’s struggling wildlife - and it shows what can be achieved with innovative thinking.”

Watch Steve Allan's video