Five new faces confirmed

17 Oct 2022, 10:47 AM

Final results have delivered five new faces to the Northland Regional Council, a situation unchanged from preliminary results of Sunday 09 October.

Tāhūhū Rangapū – Chief Executive Jonathan Gibbard says the five newly-elected councillors will join returning councillors Jack Craw, Amy MacDonald, Marty Robinson and Rick Stolwerk at the council table.

New councillors include Tui Shortland and Peter-Lucas Jones, the first councillors to be elected to the council’s new regionwide Māori constituency Te Raki.

Rounding out the new council are John Blackwell (Kaipara general constituency) former councillor Joe Carr (returning after a six-year absence, Far North general constituency) and Geoff Crawford (Mid North general constituency).    

Jack Craw’s 4062 final vote count in the Whangarei Central general constituency put him 2401 votes clear of his nearest rival, while Amy MacDonald’s 4384 in Coastal Central gave her 2032 votes more than her closest rival.

Marty Robinson’s 2390 votes in the Bay of Islands-Whangaroa general constituency were 68 votes clear of his closest rival, while Joe Carr’s 2585 in the Far North general constituency gave him a winning margin of 923 votes.

John Blackwell’s 3198 in the Kaipara general constituency gave him a winning margin of 229 votes over former council chair Penny Smart while Geoff Crawford’s 3087 votes gave him a margin of 1907 in the Mid North general constituency.

In the Te Raki Māori constituency, where two candidates were elected, Tui Shortland’s 4922 votes gave her a winning margin of 1325 votes while Peter-Lucas Jones’ 3597 votes was 1568 more than his closest rival.     

Rick Stolwerk was elected unopposed to represent the Coastal South general constituency.

A powhiri for the new council will be held tomorrow (Tuesday 18 October) and council’s inaugural meeting will be held from 10.30am on Tuesday 25 October.