Maritime notices

The following notices have been issued by our Harbourmaster's office:

Ngunguru River entrance

Issued 23 September 2022: The Ngunguru River entrance has changed and the beacons no longer mark the navigable channel. It is NOT considered safe to enter at night.

The channel through the bar may change regularly and local up to date information should be sought before crossing the bar even in daylight and good conditions.


Dicks Bay ski lane removal

The ski lane at Dicks Bay has been removed and a maximum speed limit of 5 knots is now in place in the area.

This is due to the Marine Protected Area East of Russell Peninsula which is part of the Marine Mammal Sanctuary introduced by DOC. The nearest ski lane is now at Tapeka Point or Te Tii beach Waitangi.

Contact 0800 362 468 for any Marine Mammal Sanctuary enquiries.