Mooring 4194 Whangarei, One Tree Point (West) - For Rent
Listed: 09 Feb 2024
For Rent
Rental: $150 per Month
Whangarei, One Tree Point (West)
Mooring Number
Location comments
Last mooring in the bay away from the main channel.
• The mooring has been licenced by the NRC to hold vessels up to 14 metres.
• The mooring location is Latitude 35.49.082 S, Longitude 174.26.760 E.
• The 4-ton concrete block contains 2 x 32mm mooring pins.
• The ground chain comprises 6m x 38mm stud link chain.
• The intermediate chain comprises 5m x 24mm regular link chain.
• A compliant 25mm swivel has been installed.
• All connecting shackles were double welded closed for added mooring security.
• A fergi buoy has been installed with the mooring number engraved on it.
• A compliant 2m x 32mm headrope, with 32mm thimble, has been installed through the fergi buoy and has been spliced to a 19mm stainless steel swivel at the top of the buoy.
• The 4m x 24mm bridled strop with antichafe hose has then been thumb knotted to the top side of the stainless swivel.
• An anti-abrasion dyneema sleeve has been fitted at the stainless swivel to decelerate the wear on the ropes that can be experienced at this point.
Vessel licenced for Length
14m (46ft)
Low Water Depth
3m (10ft)
Last Inspection
02 Nov 2022
Marjolein Duindam