Hazardous Activities and Industries List

Northland Regional Council maintains a Selected Land-use Register (SLR), which is a list of sites that, due to their historical or current land use, are potentially contaminated. Land uses that apply are those activities that are specified on the Hazardous Activities and Industries List (HAIL), published by the Ministry for the Environment.

Contaminated land is defined under the Resource Management Act (RMA) as land with hazardous substances in or on it that are reasonably likely to have significant adverse effects on the environment (including human health).

The past use of hazardous substances in industry, agriculture and horticulture has left a legacy of soil contamination in New Zealand. This contamination has been mainly caused by past practices in which chemicals were used, stored and disposed of in a way that is not safe by today’s standards.

The HAIL is a compilation of activities and industries which typically use or store hazardous substances and have the potential to cause environmental contamination through use, storage or on-site disposal.

The SLR provides a history of land-use for any given property where a HAIL activity has been undertaken (whether current or historical) and not all sites recorded on the SLR are contaminated. Similar registers are maintained by regional councils throughout New Zealand.

The SLR is currently under review as part of a national consistent data project. Site classifications will be updated and locations will be changing from points to polygons.

Site classification definitions

Download Site classification definitions - Selected Land-use Register (SLR) (PDF, 100KB)

Selected land-use site maps

The sites that are recorded in Northland can be viewed in council's public facing GIS maps.

Open the 'Selected Land Use' sites map through our LocalMaps Gallery

Or view the map below:

Further information

Information held on the SLR is available on request.
Email: [email protected]

General information about contaminated land and the HAIL is available on the Ministry for the Environment website

Anyone with queries or concerns about hazardous substances, contaminated land, or potentially contaminated land in Northland is welcome to contact the NRC's Water and Waste team:
Phone: 0800 002 004 |Email: [email protected]