Our beaches

What's in this?

  • Where are Northland's beaches
  • What is a beach
  • How do Northland's beaches differ
  • How are beaches made
  • Why are our beaches always changing
  • What beach features can be monitored for change
  • Why does the colour of Northland's beaches vary
  • Why else do Northland's beaches vary
  • How does the shape of surrounding land affect beaches
  • How is the look of a beach influenced by its location
  • What effect does the weather have
  • How does what's happening offshore affect the beach
  • How does fresh water flowing to the coast shape our beaches and shores
  • Why are Northland’s beaches special to Maori
  • What lives on Northland’s beaches
  • What rare and endangered species are found on or around our beaches
  • What threatens our native beach creatures
  • What threatens our native beach plants
  • What does Northland Regional Council do to help
  • What can we do to help look after Northland’s beaches
  • Who helps look after our beaches

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