Become an Enviroschool

Steps to take

Step 1:

Contact one of the team to find out what it means to be an Enviroschool and how the programme can be implemented into school life. 

Enviroschools team contact details

Step 2:

Talk to your staff and board of trustees.

Step 3:

Decide where your school wants to start.

The following is not a checklist and should not be seen as linear.  Experience has shown that these are the main components of a successful process and that stages overlap, are revisited, modified and developed further as the school and community move forward.

  • Exploring the Enviroschools programme
  • Developing the curriculum 
  • Engaging students in experiencing their environment 
  • Forming an Envirogroup 
  • Creating a whole school vision map 
  • Implementing projects
  • Developing policies, care codes and strategies  
  • Identifying and strengthening community partnerships
  • Keeping the process going – documenting, reflecting and celebrating

Step 4:

Make a meeting with an Enviroschools Facilitator, receive a resource pack, discuss the Enviroschools support agreement and go for it!

Get more information

For further information contact Susan Karels at the Northland Regional Council :

P: 0800 002 004 | E: [email protected]