A guide to Northland's pest plants | He pukapuka aratohu mō ngā taru kino o Te Taitokerau

Pest plants are a major threat to the beauty and biodiversity of Te Taitokerau. Our sub-tropical climate means that weedy species grow fast and spread easily. To stop this growing weedy invasion, many hands are needed. Collectively, if many individuals take action on their own land and in their own neighbourhoods, we can prevent the special habitats and ecosystems of Te Taitokerau from being overwhelmed and replaced by weeds.

This booklet is a simple guide to identifying some of the most common serious weeds in Te Taitokerau and how to control them.

Most of the pest plants that are invading and damaging our natural areas are ornamental plants that have ‘jumped the fence’ from gardens and gone wild. Many of these plants are spread by birds. As predator control becomes a bigger part of community life, the bird population will increase, further spreading many of the weeds.