How can you help?

Like possums managing marine pests takes everyone to do their bit. You can help by learning what marine pests look like, reporting them if you think you’ve seen one and if you have a boat make sure its clean before you set sail.

Do you know what a marine pest looks like?

Learn what marine pests look like and why they are a problem using the Pest Control Hub - Marine Pests and other resources which you can on our Marine Pest Resources page

Do you think you have seen a marine pest?

If you have seen something unusual or a marine pest that you recognise:

  • Note of the location and tide
  • If possible, photograph the suspected pest and location
  • If possible, collect a sample and freeze
  • Report finding to NRC immediately via Pest Control Hub or [email protected] or freephone 0800 002 004

Help us stop the spread

Boats traveling from one area to another

Research shows that one of the main way’s marine pests hitchhike around the country is on the hulls of boats hidden amongst other fouling or in niche areas.

Protect the coastlines we all love. Make sure your hull has been checked and cleaned before you head away.

Make sure you know the rules for where you are cruising on your boat this season.

Marinas are also doing their bit to help stop the spread of marine pests. Some of them may require proof that your boat is clean.

For regional rules and marina requirements check out: