Urban Pest Control (Whangārei)

What is involved in this programme?

In July 2018, the Northland Regional Council (NRC) and NorthTec entered a partnership to develop an urban pest management program for Whangārei city.

The final vision and scope for the project is still to be finalised but the broad objective is to support community-led conservation activities and link up the many groups already involved in this work in and around Whangārei. These groups include Pukenui Forest Trust, Parihaka Community Landcare, Friends of Matakohe-Limestone Island, Whitebait Connection, Northtec, Northland Regional Council, Whangarei District Council, Department of Conservation and many small community volunteer groups.

‘Tiakina Whangarei’ is a community-led urban conservation program. Its kaupapa revolves around:

  1. Increasing community cohesiveness, ecological knowledge, and social wellbeing
  2. Encouraging kaitiakitanga/guardianship of the environment
  3. Protecting and enhancing native biodiversity within Whangārei

While any community-led initiative that reflects Tiakina Whangarei’s kaupapa will be supported, we will initially focus our resources into pest mammal control operations.

Work has been done to get the support of key stakeholders in Whangarei (community conservation groups, NGOs, iwi, other government organisations), and also collect baseline ecological information within Whangarei (bird and pest mammal distribution and relative abundance).

Go to Tiakina Whangarei’s website: tiakinawhangarei.co.nz

What support is Northland Regional Council providing?

Northland Regional Council has confirmed funding of $1,280,000 this project for the next 10 years through our recent Long Term Plan 2018 – 2028.  This support includes funding for a part-time co-ordinator, pest control equipment such as traps, bait stations and monitoring equipment.

Northland Regional Council will also support the project with advice, logistical support (e.g. data collection, GIS mapping, sharing of industry contacts), access to our purchasing power for equipment and funding to support monitoring to quantify the impact of pest management activities.

Need more information?

Get in touch with our Biosecurity team for more information about the Urban Pest Control programme.

Email: [email protected] | Freephone: 0800 002 004